Kentville man accused of escaping police again

The RCMP say Kyle Fredericks fled from police on foot Sept. 18.

Warrant out for the arrest of Kyle Fredericks, 22

The RCMP say a Kentville man who made headlines earlier this year has escaped from police for the second time.

RCMP spokesperson, Sgt. Brigit Leger said Kyle Fredericks was out on conditions when the police checked on him on Sept. 18. They arrived on Cottage Street in Berwick around 10:20 p.m.

"At that time he was noted to be in breach of one of his release conditions," she said. The police then tried to arrest him.

"He broke free and fled the area on foot."

Leger said the police have been following leads but so far, have been unable to locate Fredericks.

Fredericks' initial court troubles began when he was charged in March with trafficking and criminal negligence causing death in relation to the death of Joshua Graves.

In July, the 22-year-old from Kentville escaped custody just minutes after being arrested for breaching his bail conditions. He was found nearly a week later in a Berwick apartment. Fredericks was later released from custody under conditions.

"The first incident and the second incident are very different," said Leger, pointing out that the first time Fredericks was actually in police custody. "The circumstances around both are very different."

The police are asking anyone with information about Fredericks' current location to call Crimestoppers.

"We're hoping that he will turn himself into police and get these charges addressed."