A review of the ballots cast in Halifax Regional Municipality has flipped the results for District 3 – giving the city's deputy mayor his seat on council.

On election night, it appeared that Bill Karsten lost to Jackie Barkhouse by six votes.

But Cathy Mellett, the city's returning officer, said there was a mistake, and one poll called in its results twice.

"One table called in a combined report from all three tables," she explained. "And then each individual table in addition."

The new numbers shifted Karsten into the top spot by 68 votes. Mellett said her office has now filed a request with the city to have a judicial recount.

"We're not expecting any large changes in that, but it's important that be done for transparency," she said. "It's important for everyone to have absolute verification."

Mellett said the candidates met Tuesday morning for the review, which consisted of a reopening of the poll books, not the ballot boxes. She said the error was quickly discovered.

"You have 1,500 people working out there in a very long day, I'm always surprised at how few mistakes we get."

Barkhouse is also a member of the outgoing council.