The sentencing hearing for an 18-year-old Cape Breton man convicted of the grisly murder of his girlfriend continued in Sydney on Monday.

The young offender, who was 16 years old at the time, was convicted of second degree murder in August after stabbing his girlfriend more than 100 times using several knives.

This is the last week set aside for the defence and Crown to make their cases at the, now, 18-year-old's sentencing hearing. The hearing began at the end of November.

Judge Anne Derrick will decide whether the teen will be sentenced as an adult, something the Crown is requesting.

The defence is asking Derrick to sentence him as a young offender. 

If the teen is sentenced as a young offender, his name will not be released. A second-degree murder charge under the Youth Criminal Justice Act carries a maximum sentence of seven years including a maximum custody period of 4 years and a period of supervision in the community.

An adult sentence carries a longer prison term and the teen's name would be made public.