People in Pugwash, N.S., figured out a way to collect donations for the local food bank and celebrate Johnny Cash’s birthday in style.

The co-op is accepting food donations on Wednesday, but it's also giving away food, bologna sandwiches and cake to be exact, in honour of "The Man in Black." He would have been 82.

Bert McWade has always been a fan of Cash so when the board he sits on for the Pugwash co-op started planning a food drive he suggested holding it Feb. 26 — the country music legend's birthday.

"All the staff at the co-op here in Pugwash and we hope some shoppers will wear black,” he said.

People who make a donation will get a slice of cake with black icing. They'll also be offered a free bologna sandwich.

McWade said he got that idea from his friend who drove Cash around Charlottetown in a taxi back in 1958.

"Johnny said, ‘I love bologna, stop here.’ So Winston stopped and Johnny went in. He got a roll of bologna, he came out took the pocket knife out of his pocket and carved the bologna as he drove into Charlottetown,” McWade said.

He said volunteers perfected their bologna sandwich skills on Tuesday.

"We're gonna give them a choice: they can have mustard, they can have relish, they can have cheese, they can have ketchup.”

Customers will also have their choice of plain bologna or fried.

The event goes from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. on Wednesday.