Repairs to the Janvrin's Island bridge in Cape Breton's Richmond County went without a hitch over the weekend.  

The bridge, the only link to the island to nearby Isle Madame, was removed Sunday morning, repaired and put back in place by Sunday evening.

Gloria Hill, who manages the local community television station, said an inflatable boat was used to transport a few people who had to get off the island while the bridge was out of commission.

"Three ladies that were working for home care, there was actually a union meeting for the home care in Richmond County. They went off by boat," Hill said.

"Then another lady that had to work at the spud wagon in Arichat had go to work for 11 a.m., so she got on the boat and picked up her car that she had left on the other side."

Hill said the 120 residents of Janvrin's Island people made the most of the event, gathering at the community hall for a potluck supper and social.

The bridge repair was made necessary when one end of the steel structure was struck by a vehicle and damaged last winter.