The Jamie Oliver knives promotion at Sobeys has been such a success some stores are running out of them.

But if you've been collecting stamps when you buy your groceries, Sobeys said you will eventually receive your knives.

A Sobeys spokesperson said Monday that more knives are on the way.

"Knives are on order and we expect them to be back in stock late next week or early the following week," said Shauna Selig.

The promotion offers customers a stamp for each $10 spent at the store. Once they collect enough, they can earn free knives.

But the chef's knives, carving knives and carving forks in particular have been flying off the shelves, leaving some shoppers wondering if their stamps will still be of use.

Selig said stores will stop issuing stamps Feb. 18 and customers have until March 9 to redeem them.

"The promotion exceeded expectations, especially during and immediately following Christmas, however more inventory is on its way," said Selig.