A resident at Braemore Home was confined to his room for 15 days. (CBC) ((CBC))

The province has hired a consulting firm to look into a case of abuse at Braemore Home Corp. in Sydney.

Denise Peterson-Rafuse, minister of community services, said the investigation by Deloitte will help to explain why a man with autism was locked in a room for 15 days.

"It will also help us identify challenges and address how we can work with Braemore in the future to ensure residents are safe and that they, and staff, are getting the support that they need," she said in a statement.

Last September, the 20-year-old man was confined to his room except for exercise breaks and some other tasks. A department official said there was a light shining near his bed all night and there was a video camera monitoring his room.

His mother said he urinated in the corner when staff didn't know he had to use the bathroom.

Community Services said the incident met the definition of abuse under Nova Scotia's Protection of Persons in Care Act.

Peterson-Rafuse said the first phase of the independent review would be complete by April. After that, consultants would speak with staff, residents and their families.

The department expects the review findings later this spring.