Injured hiker has GPS-enabled phone to thank for rescue

An injured hiker was rescued Sunday night, thanks to the built-in GPS on his phone.

Fire crews had to cut a 200-metre trail through the woods to get the injured man out

An injured hiker was rescued Sunday night, thanks, in part, to the built-in GPS on his phone.

At 9:06 p.m. Halifax Regional Police were called about a lost and injured hiker in the Chain Lake Drive area near Kent in Bayers Lake.

Police say they received information that a 45-year-old man, who was hiking the trail system in the area, had injured his ankle and was unable to walk out.

Officers were able to "ping" the man's phone and get the GPS coordinates for the hiker.

Police and a canine unit were able to find the man, who was about 100 metres into the woods over an embankment. They say the terrain forced Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency to cut a 200-metre path through the woods in order to get him out.

Paramedics were also at the scene and took the man to the QEII hospital with an injury to his ankle. The man was otherwise in good health.