A Nova Scotia mother says she's grateful to volunteers for helping rescue a young Canada goose that had gotten its leg tangled in a fishing line.

Tina Cutler, who lives in St. Croix, said her family discovered the injured bird when they went to a local ball field to feed the flock on Canada Day.

"He's sitting down while the rest of them are walking constantly. It's just a shame," she said.

Cutler started making calls to anyone who might be able to cut the bird free.

"I knew that the longer we left it, the tighter it would be," she said.

"The more I called around, the more devastated I became."

A volunteer from the Hope for Wildlife Society in Seaforth — a rehabilitation centre for wild animals — arrived on the scene with a blanket, along with a group of construction workers who had heard of the efforts and joined the rescue team.

The rescuers splashed through muddy puddles before eventually capturing the goose and cutting off the fishing line.

"I'm so happy that he's released, I'm just ecstatic," said Cutler.