The popular Indian Beach in North Sydney will be repaired, the local councillor says.

Charlie Keagan, District 2 councillor for the Cape Breton Regional Municipality, said the spot is in disrepair. He lives near the beach close to the Marine Atlantic ferry terminal.

“It’s the structure itself. The boardwalks are in bad shape. The ground here is all falling away. It presents a danger and there are liabilities we have to be concerned about,” he said.

'It presents a danger and there are liablities we have to be concerned about.' - Charlie Keagan, councillor

"There are [new] tables and chairs that will be brought here. It’s a great amount of work that has to be done.”

Indian Beach is a popular spot for walks and swims. The playground draws kids.

Keagan is holding a public meeting Tuesday evening to discuss the repairs. Bill Murphy, the manager of parks and grounds for CBRM, will present the update.

Keagan said the area is 15 acres of land that could be “the jewel of the north side area.”

Funding still needs to be put in place before the project can proceed. He expects work to start in the spring.