With Hurricane Arthur barrelling down on the Maritimes this weekend, some couples are making alternate wedding arrangements to avoid having their weddings crashed by the uninvited guest.

Michele Laing walked down the aisle at her wedding rehearsal Thursday night in Halifax.

She'll be marrying Jeff MacAskill Saturday afternoon, even though Arthur is set to crash the party. Laing says they'll be ready for whatever comes.

"Big umbrellas, a raincoat, and I assume that our gallant ushers and groomsmen are going to be looking after us ladies and keeping us dry, somehow," she said.

For any bride or groom out there stressing about this Saturday's storm, Neville MacKay, the operator of My Mother's Bloomers floral and gift shop, has this advice.

"Look where we live. We live on the Atlantic Ocean, so of course there's always a Plan B, sometimes a Plan C and sometimes a Plan D or E," said MacKay.

Laing says her biggest worry is the storm may move the wedding pictures indoors.

"Unless the wind isn't as bad, we won't be doing any outdoor pictures. Even in the rain, I was told by my photographer that he could do some in the rain but the wind would blow everything around and it would be quite difficult," she said.

Laing and MacAskill are remaining hopeful but they said they plan on doing some umbrella shopping Friday.