If you found a new bike under the tree this Christmas, then you'd better keep it safe.

There are roughly 250 bikes reported missing each year in the Halifax area, according to Halifax Regional Police data.

July and August are the worst months, but bikes are stolen even during the winter. Downtown Halifax is where you are most likely to have your bike taken.

Check out this interactive map to get a better idea of where and when the thefts happen.

Rob McNeish has had two bicycles stolen.

"It was panic, it was like ‘Can I get this back,'" he said.

Now, when not riding his bike, he locks the wheel to the frame, even when he brings it inside his home.

Beyond that, police advise writing down your bike’s serial number, take a picture of it, and put a unique mark on it. That will help identify it as yours if it is stolen and then recovered.