An advocate for people with disabilities says Halifax needs to make some design changes to make it easier for people in wheelchairs to get around.

Gerry Post points out that some crosswalk signal buttons are on poles that can't be reached from a wheelchair.

He said that makes them dangerous.

“There's no paving between the sidewalk and the pole where the button's on, so most days it's muddy in there, and once you get in there, you're stuck,” he said.

Post said it also creates a problem for drivers.

“The drivers are expecting a light to flash and we can't make them flash. In fact, I tend not to cross at these crosswalks now. I go where there are traffic lights or where there's a crosswalk without the light, so it's defeating the purpose.”

The issue was raised by other wheelchair users at a meeting in Dartmouth Monday night hosted by Halifax Regional Municipality’s Accessibility Advisory Committee.

Lisa Pottie, the chair of the committee, said she is confident the problem will be addressed.