A woman from Grand Pré, N.S., is kicking up a fight over a pile of horse manure that’s blocking a short roadway near her house.

Dixie Lane was once the main road linking Grand Pré​ with the historic dykes, but it's now used only as a public footpath.

Neighbour Beth Keech says access is now blocked by mounds of horse poop. She says the owner of an abutting stable is dumping the manure.

Keech, a tenant on Old Post Road, has been fighting for years to make sure Dixie Lane stays open to the public.

"I think it really sets a dangerous precedent to allow one individual to take something over that belonged to the public and there are no consequences," she said.

"I mean what is the point of a having heritage conservation districts or heritage sites if they are not going to be protected?"

There's been an ongoing dispute over who owns roughly the 80-metre long parcel. The province turned over whatever interest it had in the property to the Municipality of the County of Kings a decade ago.

But there's an adjacent landowner who also claims title.

Tom MacEwan, the chief administrative officer of Kings County, said the province had concluded there wasn't enough evidence showing it to be a public highway.

"It’s quite clearly, as far as title goes, a mess. Notwithstanding what’s currently on the property," he said.

He said there is potential litigation between the county and the landowner, but added there's been progress in finding a solution that works for both sides.

Grand Pré​ is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.