The father of a young homicide victim in Cape Breton died suddenly Monday.

Charles John Jessome, 47, father of 21-year-old Laura Jessome, died of a possible heart attack, according to a family member.

Laura Jessome's body was found in a hockey bag on the Mira River May 25.

Cape Breton Regional Police have not said how Jessome died or how long her body had been in the river.

"He was so depressed over Laura's death that he took a heart attack [and] now he's gone," said daughter Jamie.

Charles was better known as Bub, said his cousin and best friend Lee Petrossie.

"Basically [he was] heart broken because of his daughter's death," Petrossie said.


The body of Laura Jessome was found stuffed in a hockey bag May 25. (Facebook)

Charles Jessome felt helpless and wanted to do more to find Laura Jessome's killer, according to Petrossie.

Petrossie said he doesn't know how much more the family can take.

"The rest of the family is devastated. Charles' grandmother is actually admitted to hospital because she's having heart troubles right now. It's like a domino effect — the murder of Laura caused the death of her father."

No one has been arrested in Laura Jessome's death.

In past weeks, police searched four residences and seized two vehicles.

Jamie Jessome said her sister's killer is now responsible for her father's death.

"Because of those people who took Laura's life, they took my father's life too. He couldn't live with her death, he couldn't live with it. So thank you whoever you are, because you took my sister and my father."