The latest murder victim in the Halifax area was a partially deaf senior who walked with a cane and lived in a rooming house, according to his friends.

The killing of David William Rose, 65, has frightened his neighbours. He lived on the 5200 block of South Street for 10 years.

He was found dead in his kitchen Sunday night. Halifax Regional Police say it was a homicide. Neighbours said they didn't hear anything.

Stephen Gates said Rose was a close friend and they spoke daily. Gates plays the violin and Rose enjoyed hearing him play it.

"He was a wonderful guy with a big heart. I loved him very much," he said Tuesday. "We're all really shocked and we're going to miss him. We need more people like him around."

'He was a tender, good-hearted man who deserved to have someone say the truth about him.' - Friend of David Rose

Gates said his friend was a serious man, but one who enjoyed a booming laugh. He sought to live well and protect others, Gates said.

"He was a pillar in the poor people's community. He was a pillar for me. Well done, Dave. It's a shock."

A woman who lived in a nearby rooming house said she saw Rose regularly. He had recently bought some new clothes and the two remarked that whatever situation you find yourself in, clean clothes make you feel better.

"It's horrifying and we're all horrified," she said of his killing.

'Everyone's scared'

The woman did not want to be identified out of fear because whoever killed Rose in his own home is still at large.

"Everyone's so scared and so am I, but I honestly feel he was a tender, good-hearted man who deserved to have someone say the truth about him and what a great and wonderful person he is," she said.

Friends say Rose went to the soup kitchen for friendship. He didn't need to eat there because he was receiving a government pension.

At Christmas, he cooked for others in the rooming houses.

"[He was] someone who cared about all of us so much and was always a nice man to everybody. No one has anything bad to say about him. That's why it's so upsetting," she said.

The Nova Scotia Medical Examiner conducted an autopsy Monday morning. Police said the cause of his death will not be released. No one has been arrested in his death.