A public photography exhibit aimed at putting a face on homelessness in the Halifax Regional Municipality has been stolen.

The series of 15 large black and white prints taken by photographer Sue Suri had been on display at Alderney landing since Nov. 21.

"It's a huge loss for a not for profit organization that really doesn't have the money to produce these kind of items. The actual value of them — 15 of them — would be $7,500," said Don Spicer, the executive director of Shelter Nova Scotia.

"What's more upsetting to us is we no longer have the ability to spread the word about homelessness through the use of these photographs."

He said the photos were created with the help of the artist and sponsors and his group cannot afford to replace them.

On Jan. 5 at around 2:30 p.m. a man who claimed to the photographer, and a woman, were seen taking the photos down.

"The man pretended to be the photographer who took the pictures. He did describe the man as being tall and thin with a beard and having a very raspy voice," said Spicer.

"The woman that was with him had shoulder-length dark hair and was described as being shorter than him."

Spicer said the theft has now been reported to police.

Shelter Nova Scotia is asking for help to have the photographs returned.