The Dartmouth, N.S. filmmaker who turned a trailer called Hobo With A Shotgun into a feature film may have come up with the seed for another full length movie.  

Earlier this summer, Jason Eisener released a 1:09 minute horror short called One Last Dive.

The film has attracted the interest of major studios. 

Eisener told CBC Mainstreet's Stephanie Domet that his childhood helped inspire the film.

"I grew up in Dartmouth and growing up in the City of Lakes, I spent all my summers, everyday in the water. We would go swimming at night all the time," he said.

"I remember one time they ended up finding a corpse, like hooked underneath the float that we swam on every day. For years, every time I went swimming out to this wharf, I would have to dive underneath and take a look to just make sure there wasn't a body underneath. That kind of just stuck with me as probably the most terrifying thing to ever have to go through — just finding a body underwater."

The short was made as part of a promotion for the horror movie The Conjuring. Vice magazine contacted Eisener, asking him to pitch something that would happen at 3:07 a.m. The goal was to create short horror films inspired by what's called the devil's hour.

Eisener said the short was filmed in Grand Lake, near Fall River, N.S. It was made and edited in one week.

"I never really thought of it expanding into a feature, but then it went viral and I started to get these calls from studios in LA and they were all like, 'so do you got any underwater story movie ideas?'"

He said he scrambled to come up with a new plot, which he has since pitched to a Hollywood studio. He's now in discussions to turn it into a bigger project.