Cheers erupted on the Halifax waterfront Friday as HMCS Charlottetown sailed into port following a six-month deployment overseas.

The Halifax-based frigate returned home after taking part in exercises in the Baltic and Mediterranean seas as part of Operation Reassurance.

Dozens of family members lined the dock as the ship pulled alongside, with some waving posters and calling out to crew standing at the bow and stern of the vessel as it approached.

Operation REASSURANCE - Santa, HMCS Charlottetown, Sea King

Santa flies in a Sea King helicopter over HMCS Charlottetown as it operates in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea during Operation Reassurance, Dec. 24, 2017. (Cpl J.W.S. Houck / Formation Imaging Services)

HMCS St. John's and its 240-member crew left Halifax earlier this week to replace the Charlottetown in the training and deterrence mission.

HMCS Charlottetown joined the Standing NATO Maritime Group 1 in August 2017, participated in two major exercises, worked with 13 navies and visited 11 ports.

A statement from the Department of National Defence said the exercises strengthened the allies' abilities to combine international assets in joint maritime operations.

HMCS Charlottetown also took part in an operation to boost security and facilitate economic activities for civilian vessels in the Mediterranean, where it hailed 82 vessels.