A volunteer group is trying to find money to restore Fort Petrie in New Victoria, a Second World War fort on the banks of Sydney Harbour.

Fort Petrie features a two-storey concrete building, bunkers, gun emplacements and a museum.

The site has been open to the public for years and is run by the Sydney Harbour Fortification Society. Robert Grezel, a member of the society, said the fort still needs a lot of work.

"It's an endless list. Just keeping it open is a challenge," he said.

"The other thing is funding and money for necessary repairs, windows, even paint, I mean you name it."

The fort played an active role in the 1940s, when large guns were installed to protect the community from German U-boats. The guns were later removed.

Grezel said the site has a lot of history that needs to be preserved.

Bunker Fort Petrie

The bunker at Fort Petrie. A volunteer group is trying to round up more money to renovate the site. (George Mortimer)

"Fort Petrie is very important because it was one of the the largest shipping ports — merchant marines in supplies like coal and steel and what not going to Britain during the Second World War and even the First World War and even before that," he said.

"The site actually had an observation post that dates back to the mid 1700s."

The Sydney Harbour Fortification Society is working toward bringing back the Second World War-era guns that used to be housed at the site. Grezel said that will take money that is in short supply at the fort.

Frank Corbett, the MLA for the area, said he's been helping the group fill out funding applications.

"Quite possibly either the Department of Tourism or Community, Cultures and Heritage may have some programs that would fit with their needs," said.

"There's probably similar programs through the federal government."

Corbett said Fort Petrie is unique and its history should be celebrated.