Historian Blair Beed says he's upset the new Halifax Central Library won't have "memorial" in its name.

A Halifax author and historian is unhappy the term "memorial" won’t be incorporated into the name of the new library under construction in Halifax.

The current Spring Garden Road branch was named Memorial Public Library when it opened in 1951 to honour those who fought and died in the First World War, Second World War and Korean War.

Historian Blair Beed said he assumed that part of the old name would transfer to the new building, but recently learned the official name will be the Halifax Central Library.

"I don't know why 'central' is more important than the war," he said. "Halifax Memorial Library is easy to understand."

Beed thinks removing "memorial'  from the name shows that wartime sacrifices are being pushed aside and forgotten.

But Bruce Gorman, the director of the Halifax Central Library, says that's not true.

"We've been working for over two years with the legion to honour the memorial — the war dead. The spirit is going to live and breathe over there," he said.

Beed said he also worries about what will happen with wartime artifacts housed at the library.

Gorman says they've been working with the Royal Canadian Legion for two years and the artifacts will be displayed prominently. A third book of remembrance to honour those who've died since the Korean War will be added.  

The new Halifax Central Library is expected to open this fall.