Police in Enfield, N.S., have charged three people with stunting after some mourners in a funeral procession tore down a highway lined with people while doing doughnuts, leaving thick smoke in the air and black skid marks on the road — all in honour of their friend.

Dozens of four-wheelers, race cars and mud trucks took part in the procession Thursday down Highway 2 to St. Bernard's Catholic Church where a funeral was being held for Christopher (Kipper) McCulloch.

McCulloch, 44, died suddenly of a heart attack at his home on Aug. 11. His obituary describes him as a devoted father who loved spending time with his son, Christopher. 

He was also a race team member with a passion for mudding, four-wheeling and sledding.

Christopher "Kipper" McCulloch

Christopher (Kipper) McCulloch died suddenly of a heart attack in his Enfield home on Aug. 11. He's pictured here with his son, Christopher Jr. (Laurelee Bennett)

"Cops tried to stop it but it happened anyway," Laurelee (Lolly) Bennett, one of McCulloch's close friends, wrote on Facebook where she posted one of several videos showing the vehicles performing burnouts.

"There's rubber left on the pavement for ya buddy."

'Not using common sense'

Bennett said in an interview it's exactly how McCulloch would have wanted his funeral. She said her friend, who worked as a drywaller, was considered a legend around Enfield.

"There was like hundreds of people there, it was like a town parade," she said.

Kipper McCulloch

Christopher (Kipper) McCulloch is pictured with his son. (Submitted by Catherine White)

RCMP, however, see it differently.

"Doing a burnout on a main highway such as that, you're not using common sense as far as I'm concerned," Cpl. Dal Hutchinson said Friday.

Police respond to complaints

Hutchinson said East Hants RCMP responded to several complaints Thursday around 9:45 a.m. regarding a gathering of off-road vehicles, including all-terrain vehicles and stock race cars.

Skids marks from burnouts in Enfield

These skid marks were left after drivers did burnouts during a funeral procession for Christopher (Kipper) McCulloch on Highway 2 in Enfield on Thursday. (RCMP)

Officers stopped the procession and advised the drivers that ATVs are not permitted on roadways and that stock cars have to be licensed and insured before driving on the highway.

"The majority of the individuals present were extremely co-operative and understood why members had to intervene in the manner they did," said Hutchinson.

Vehicles seized

As officers tried to guide the licensed vehicles along the highway, Hutchinson said about 25 drivers began squealing their tires on the pavement "resulting in thick smoke, creating zero visibility and spraying rocks and other debris from the roadway throughout the entire area, onto the sidewalk where I understand there were even children walking."

RCMP ended up seizing three vehicles and charging three East Hants men with stunting under the Motor Vehicle Act.

If convicted, the fine for stunting in Nova Scotia is $2,422.50. Licences can also be suspended for seven days.

RCMP say their investigation is ongoing and they are trying to identify other drivers allegedly involved in the burnouts. They expect to lay more charges, including dangerous driving.

Car decal for Christopher "Kipper" McCulloch

Car decal Vicki Ives designed for Christopher (Kipper) McCulloch, an Enfield resident who died of a heart attack at home on Aug. 11. (Vicki Ives)