People can drive on Highway 2 near Enfield, N.S. again after a truck suffered structural failure on Friday night and wound up crunched like an accordion.

The mishap happened near the Irving Big Stop around 6 p.m., shutting down the road for 12 hours.

Staff Sgt. Scott Warnica said the truck was making a turn when its left front wheel and rear right wheel hopped on to the curb. That caused the trailer part of the truck to collapse in on itself.

Warnica said because the truck was not structurally sound it wasn't easy to move.

“The entire load of empty beer bottles, 30 pallets of them, had to be hand loaded into another tractor trailer to alleviate some of the weight problems associated with the trailer,” he said.

“So it took approximately nine hours to unload the damaged trailer by hand.”

Police said the cause was most likely a structural malfunction.