Halifax Regional Police are warning the public about a high-risk violent offender who was released on Thursday after serving four years in prison for an armed robbery.

Damien Christopher Clyke, 27, has been assessed to reoffend in a violent manner.


Damien Christopher Clyke, 27, has been assessed to reoffend in a violent manner. (Courtesy Halifax Regional Police)

Clyke has 43 criminal convictions on his record. Many of the convictions are for violent crimes including assaults on police officers and correctional officers.

According to documents obtained by the CBC News, Clyke was repeatedly denied parole because he had "shown a propensity for violent outbursts" and an inability to control his anger.

"There are still reasonable grounds to believe that you are likely to commit an offence causing death or serious harm to another person before the expiration of your sentence according to law," the Parole Board of Canada wrote in one of its decisions.

"You accept very little responsibility for your past actions and exhibit no remorse."

Halifax Regional Police are urging people to use caution if they have to deal with Clyke.