Brian James Marriott, 31 was originally sentenced to two years, six months. His total sentence now stands at 16 years, four months. (iStock)

A member of a notorious Halifax crime family must spend more time in prison because he's still considered too high a risk to be released.

Brian James Marriott, 31 — also known as B.J. Marriott or B.J. Bremner ​— was originally sentenced to two years, six months. However, in 2002, he had an extra five-and-a-half years tacked on his sentence for a manslaughter conviction.

In 2005 and 2006, he was convicted of trafficking drugs while in prison, and received another six years. He then got another two years added to his sentence for assault with a weapon and assault causing bodily harm.

In January 2008, Marriott got an additional four month sentence for assaulting a prison officer. His total sentence now stands at 16 years, four months. He's been serving his time in prisons in western Canada.

Most inmates serving that much time would have been considered for release by now. But Marriott continues to get in trouble.

In October of last year, he was part of a gang that started a series of uprisings, kicking doors, yelling obscenities and refusing to obey orders. They also threw food and garbage and taunted guards.

In denying his release, the Parole Board of Canada noted that Marriott was placed in segregation after the incidents last October "due to allegations that you were inciting offenders on your unit to carry out a disturbance and [escalating] instability."

"You have yet to complete any programming that would mitigate your risk for violent recidivism," the board wrote.

Marriott got the same message from the parole board last Spring, when it also denied his request for release.  

"The board sees that your risk has not decreased in the past year and that your risk to reoffend violently has not been mitigated in any way," the board wrote.