People who enjoy Dominion Beach in Cape Breton hope recently-unveiled government plans will preserve the popular sandy stretch for many years to come.

The provincial beach, about 13 kilometres from Sydney, has suffered major damage from severe storms over the last few years.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent on the beach, including a new protective rock wall built this year, and a new $20-million sewage system built in 2010.

The beach used to be the second most-used beach in Nova Scotia.

The Department of Natural Resources just presented what it calls a "concept plan" for the preserving and protecting the beach.

It includes extending the rock wall and improving washroom facilities and parking.

"We say from a concept level and that's what they've delivered to us, it looks good and we want to move forward," said Allen McCormick, chair of the Dominion Beach Preservation Society.

"In fact we want to move aggressively forward. This is a very long beach and we think the lifeguards can be moved further up the beach and the work can start right away."

McCormick says he doesn't agree with the proposal to tear up the existing boardwalk and replace it with gravel.

McCormick, a former lifeguard, said he just wants the beach preserved — not redeveloped.

He says those details are yet to be worked out, but hopes they'll meet with government officials soon.