Some residents of Smiths Cove in Digby County, N.S. are cleaning up after heavy rains caused flash floods Friday morning.

Gordon Wilson, deputy chief administrative officer for Digby County, said an intense downpour sent flood waters flowing across Highway 101 and into the village of Smiths Cove.

"It's something that the residents there say they haven't seen in their lifetime," he said.

Wilson said basements were flooded, and driveways and a couple of roads were washed out. Flooding was so bad that the RCMP had to close the Bear River Bridge on Highway 101 when the surface was under about 30 centimetres of water.

Wilson said the area rarely sees flooding but he said Friday morning’s intense rain follows several days of wet weather

"We’ve seen a lot — an awful lot of rain in this area, unprecedented. We’ve had our golf course here, for example, closed five days in a row. We don't see that happen an awful lot," he said.

Highway 101 has since reopened but Wilson said Department of Transportation crews are still working on cleaning up the mess on several secondary roads.