Heavy rainfall washed out some sections of roads in Colchester and Pictou counties on Wednesday morning, making for a challenging commute for drivers who became trapped when an ice jam pushed up water levels.

Tow truck companies told CBC News that about 12 vehicles stalled in a large pool of water in Bible Hill and had to be towed out of the area. 

Dave Thompson of MacKenzie's Towing pulled out four vehicles on Main Street in Bible Hill, at an area under a rail overpass. 

"Some people drive too fast. It splashes the water up inside the motor and it shorts out some of the electrical stuff," Thompson said.

"It chokes the air from the motor and they quit."

The problem started when ice came down from Salmon River and got caught up at the bridge that leads to Bible Hill from Truro, according to Colchester County's emergency co-ordinator. 

"If you were caught up in that you wouldn't ever have a chance. It just moves with such force and velocity that it's a scary thing, really," said Robert Lavine. "It takes everything in its path with it.

Lavine said the plan is to bring in heavy equipment to move the ice but it could take a day or two to clear the area.

Flooding Bible Hill Feb 17, 2016

According to tow truck companies, about a dozen vehicles stalled trying to pass through water in the Bible Hill area. (Paul Palmeter/CBC)

Road closures

Part of Park Street, which connects Bible Hill and Truro, remains closed due to flooding.

The provincial Department of Transportation says Stewarts Road, off Route 326 near Earltown, is impassable until further notice.

It also says Jim Murdock Road, south of Tatamagouche, is closed between Mountain Road and Grist Mill Road due to washouts. 

In Pictou County, part of Gunn 4 Road is closed due to a washed out culvert south of the civic address 1490. 

In Sydney, a section of the busy Prince Street in front of the Sydney Shopping Centre is reduced to one lane in each direction due to localized flooding.

Environment Canada has lifted the rainfall warning that was in place for the eastern part of the province and Cape Breton earlier on Wednesday.

Ice in Truro Feb 17, 2016

Park Street in Truro is closed and it's covered in ice and water. (Paul Palmeter/CBC)

High winds and rain have also contributed to power outages in Sackville, Windsor, Shelburne, Yarmouth and Sydney, according to Nova Scotia Power.

On Tuesday evening, Truro's mayor Bill Mills said Park Street often stays closed for three or four days following a major storm. He says he hopes this closure could be reduced to 24 hours.

Municipal workers were busy Tuesday clearing snow to prevent runoff onto roads and checking manhole covers, to ensure storm water could drain properly.