This year's business plans for Nova Scotia's nine district health authorities and the IWK Health Centre in Halifax have been approved by the provincial government.

The province waited nine and half months to approve hospital business plans. 

The government asked them to target no increase in funding while putting together their business plans.

Health Minister Leo Glavine says they were also expected to minimize any impact on patients.

In all, the health boards and the IWK Health Centre received $1.6 billion this year, meaning no net budget reduction.

Some of health districts say they will run deficits.

The Annapolis Valley authority responded by serving notice it will raise parking fees at eight separate hospitals in order to raise money.

The South Shore district is also hiking parking fees.

Others are also expected to need more money.

In Halifax, the Capital District Health Authority said its bottom line is being pushed by higher natural gas prices.

The total budget for the 2013-2014 year was $1,687,291, compared to 2012-2013 when it was $1,687,291,000.

DHA budget numbers
Name of district health authority 2012-2013 2013-2014

South Shore



South West

 $80,619,900  $82,067,800


 $105,099,300  $108,927,800


 $63,643,100  $65,182,700


 $51,130,100  $51,860,300


 $63,378,500  $64,560,300


 $67,633,700  $69,057,100

Cape Breton

 $240,232,600  $248,887,700


 $710,307,100  $730,076,500




With files from CBC News