The board-game company that promised to bring 1,500 jobsto Parrsboro has filed for bankruptcy.

Headz Gamez International owes at least $5.7 million. Bankruptcy documents list 85 unsecured creditors, including 13 employees in B.C. and two minority shareholders who are out $2 million.

The company's only asset is the intellectual property related to the idea for the sports-themed board games. It's for sale for $2 million.

Headz Gamez set the rural community of Parrsboro abuzz lastAugust when the company announcedit wasmoving fromB.C. to Nova Scotia.

The company promised to set upan office andmanufacturing plant and hire 1,500 people, all without government handouts.

Thedream of turningParrsboro into aboard-game empirecame to a screechinghalt in Novemberwhen the company confirmed that CEO and president Kerry Martens had resigned and sold his shares.

The renovation work at the old post office, which was to have been the office,stopped and several staff members were laid off. The factory was never built.