Jeramie Downey

Jeramie Downey "felt sick" after he realized what happened. (Yvonne Colbert/CBC)

A Halifax-area man who lost $1,785 after it fell out of his backpack and scattered along Highway 107 Thursday is depending on the kindness of Maritimers to reunite him with the cash. 

Jeramie Downey, shop manager at GT Auto Repairs in Dartmouth, was riding his motorcycle to work from his home in Porter's Lake along Highway 107 when an envelope containing money belonging to his work fell out of his backpack.

Downey, 25, drove on, oblivious to the several hundred dollars flying out of his backpack.

He said he "felt sick" when he realized what happened and spent eight hours Thursday trying to find the scattered cash along the highway.

Several people who came across literal windfalls of cash have returned it to Downey. A Porters Lake woman driving along the road collected $500. Another person called to say he picked up $120 and will return it. 

Downey said he has faith in people and is hoping others will do the same.

The man's boss, Glenn Ford, says Downey — who has a seven-month-old daughter — is a great guy who treats customers fairly. He's hoping people who found the rest of the money be fair to Downey, who has taken responsibility for the loss.