Dozens of ghost hunters and spiritualists reached into the great beyond to contact the spirit of Harry Houdini in Halifax on Halloween night.

The magician and escape artist spent much of his life exposing spiritualists as frauds and promised his wife he would send a message from the beyond the grave, if it was possible.

Each year since his death 87 years ago, a séance has been held somewhere in the world on Halloween in an attempt to contact Houdini. This year it was held in Halifax.

Organizers said about 85 to 90 people gathered at the Halifax Citadel to celebrate Houdini and attempt to contact him on the anniversary of his death.

“We live and hope. He hasn’t yet,” said magician Mr. J, who performed at the séance.

Alan Hatfield, a Pictou Landing medium who specializes in connecting with the supposed spirit world, led the attempt to reach the great magician.

"It's a spirit we are looking at tonight, not ghost," he said. 

The seance produced no Houdini

The seance produced no Houdini. (CBC)

“We hoping of course that Harry Houdini will acknowledge himself after 87 years."

Houdini, who was born Ehrich Weisz, died in Detroit at the age of 52 on Oct. 31, 1926. He was buried in Machpelah Cemetery in Queens, N.Y.

Houdini's Halifax connection

The famed magician spent the summer of 1896 touring the Maritimes.

As detailed in Bruce MacNab's book The Metamorphosis, Houdini was an unknown performing as Handcuff Harry. He did shows in Truro, Halifax and Dartmouth, among other places. 

Houdini made no appearance at the Halifax séance.