People who live in affordable housing units on Halifax's Brunswick Street are being offered alternative accommodations now that their homes are up for sale, but it's not sitting well with some longtime residents.

Last week, Harbour City Homes notified residents their buildings were being sold, leaving them with no idea what to do next. 

Bob Thomson, general manager of the non-profit organization, says another letter was sent to residents, apologizing for the oversight and offering them an affordable place to go up the street.

"[The letter] encourages the tenant to come meet with us as soon as possible so we can indicate to them what's available and just calm the tenants so that they would realize that we're not trying to put anybody out on the street," he said.

But for some tenants, that option just isn't good enough.

'We're not trying to put anybody out on the street.' - Bob Thomson

Linda Beaver has lived in her home on Brunswick Street for 35 years.

"It's not a good area. No, no, they're going to offer us that crappy, dumpy old place that they're going to remodel. It's crap, it's all crap."

Residents, like Deb Key, are adamant about staying in their homes, and are looking to city councillors for support.

"I think that people need to be heard and I'm going to try to connect with the right people, you know to find out what we can do if we can do anything."

Jim Boudreau, treasurer of the board of directors, says Harbour City Homes struggled for years to keep up with the work required on the aging buildings, which are located on Brunswick and Artz streets.