The Halifax Regional Municipality is asking residents for their understanding as it faces a busy construction season particularly on the Hammonds Plains Road, which is set to be upgraded this summer.

The municipality has put out a tender to widen a section of the Hammonds Plains Road between Pockwock Road and Lucasville Road — which is set to happen between May and August.

"We're hoping that it's actually going to make the road a little bit safer because we're actually going to widen each lane by a foot, they're going to add approximately three and half feet for bicycle routes on the side," said Brian Murray, the chair of the Hammonds Plains Business Association.

"It will actually be safer for people to go around vehicles and if you happen to hit the shoulder, it won't be the shoulder — it'll actually be paved instead."

About 20,000 vehicles travel the road — which connects Upper Tantallon to the Bedford Highway and Highway 103 — every day.

Residents have long complained about the narrow lanes and shoulders. Several blind crests also make driving difficult, especially for cyclists, and there have been several collisions.

Coun. Matt Whitman said motorists, cyclists and pedestrians will be safer but the traffic congestion won't improve until other nearby construction projects are complete.

"Larry Uteck is going to connect to the Kearney Lake Road this year in April. The Kearney Lake Road is going to be renamed — all the way to the Hammonds Plains Road," he said.

"It's going to be called Larry Uteck and it's going to be four lanes over the next two to three years."

Whitman said it's short-term pain for long-term gain.

In addition to the widening of Hammonds Plains Road, there are plans to replace a water main on Kearney Lake Road between Hammonds Plains Road to the west side of the Bluewater Road intersection. That is scheduled between April and October.

Several pipes will also be installed under the section of Kearney Lake Road north of Highway 102, between April and October.

Work will also continue between April and July on the new roadway connecting Kearney Lake Road to Highway 102.

Freshwater Brook Sewer Replacement

About 20,000 vehicles travel the road connecting Upper Tantallon to the Bedford Highway and Highway 103 every day. (HRM)