Halifax woman appeals for return of stolen medical stockings

A Halifax woman is appealing for someone to return made-to-measure medical stockings because she says someone stole them from her west end mailbox.

Amber Graveline, 29, says $500 made-to-measure medical stockings were delivered to her mailbox

Amber Graveline is appealing to whoever took her medical stockings to return them, she needs the stockings to control the swelling in her right leg. (Submitted by Amber Graveline)

A Halifax woman is appealing to whoever took made-to-measure medical stockings from her mailbox in the city's west end to return them.

Amber Graveline, 29, says her nurse delivered them in a package but when she went to pick it up on Wednesday, it was missing.

She posted a notice in her neighbourhood asking for the return of the garment and says she reported the incident to police. 

"I'm frustrated, I'm frustrated," said Graveline, who needs the compression stockings to control severe swelling in her right leg. 

"I couldn't imagine why a medical garment tailored to my leg would be of interest to anybody else, but that seems to be what happened."

Stockings medical necessity 

Graveline has a condition called Lymphedema, a side effect from multiple surgeries she's had following complications to remove a cancerous tumour in 2012.

Graveline's right leg has been damaged by numerous surgeries and that leads to swelling that's only controlled by her medical stockings. (Submitted by Amber Graveline)

Graveline's right leg is disfigured and paralyzed, and without the compression stocking, fluid builds up.

She said the swelling can get very painful and without a stocking it becomes difficult to get around on crutches.

Graveline said the heavy duty stockings are medical necessity not a fashion statement. (Submitted by Amber Graveline)

A local nurse measured her for the heavy-weight stockings which are made in Germany and cost about $500. 

Appeals to neighbours 

Graveline receives disability assistance from the province to pay for stockings, which wear out every few months.

"In my flyer I said if you need a medical stocking I will help you figure that out, there are other ways to acquire that without taking from somebody who you know, obviously needs it," said Graveline.

"It's definitely not a fashion statement style item, it's very much a medical necessity for me anyway." 


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