Halifax 'Wingman' puts chicken wings to the test

A Halifax man has spent the last few years on a quest to review every plate of chicken wings in the city.

Shayne Chapman has spent more than two years anonymously reviewing his favourite food

Halifax's Wingman talks about his passion for finding the best chicken wings in the city. 2:09

Shayne Chapman has always loved chicken wings.

After working all day at his IT job, he'd often go out with friends to enjoy a plate or two of the crispy, spicy snacks.

In September 2010, Chapman decided to share his love of wings with the world. He launched a website, calling himself the Halifax Wingman.

His goal: To review every plate of chicken wings available in Halifax Regional Municipality. 

Chapman's reviews are thorough. Each plate of wings is judged on four criteria: Overall quality, size, breading and sauces. There's also a score for restaurant service.

This is boiled down to a single score out of five, and posted on the website, along with copious comments and photographs of the wings in question.

Chapman has so far reviewed 63 different plates of wings in the city.

The best were at the pub Pogue Fado in downtown Halifax, which recently closed. The crown then passed to a new business, the specialty wing joint Wing Dings in Cole Harbour. 

There are plenty of low scores too, for wing sins such as undercooking or worse.

"There can be a big difference," Chapman said. "Starting with if the chicken is actually cooked... You can get feathers which is not a good thing."

Up until now, Chapman's identity was a secret, but he figures after 2½ years it's time to take off the (chicken) mask.

"I figured being the Halifax Wingman was pretty much a good way to have things. And it'll continue to be that way. It's great."

He also says there's no fear of running out of places to review.

"I mean pretty much any establishment that serves food is going to have chicken wings, so there's a lot more places out there to go through yet."

Here's a map of Chapman's reviews to date: