Some people who pay Halifax Water despite getting their water from wells and using septic systems gathered Tuesday night to fight the fee. 

Under pouring rain, about 200 people met at the St. Margaret's Centre in Upper Tantalon, N.S. 

Troy Hume received a $22 bill from Halifax Water. 

"I have no idea why we got the bill. In my opinion it's nothing more than a tax grab," he said. 

He and other residents said they spend a lot maintaining their wells and septic systems and shouldn't have to pay for the utility to maintain culverts and ditches. 

Matt Whitman, councillor for the area, is also appealing the charge. 

"I'm appealing mine because I don't benefit from a Halifax Water ditch. I've called the number and I'm on the list; there were over 500 when I called," he said. 

Hammonds Plains resident Pamela Lovelace plans to organize a petition to send to the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board, which allowed Halifax Water to apply the new charge.

"Halifax Water didn't even send a letter to residents prior to sending the bill. That's just not good community building," she said. 

"In my mind, our only choice is to petition the UARB as a community, as residents standing together, to voice our concerns that this is unfair."