Halifax Town Clock open to public this weekend

Halifax is giving residents a rare glimpse this weekend into sites that are normally off limits, including the 211-year-old Town Clock.

Historic site one of 40 participating in Doors Open Halifax

Carla Wheaton of Parks Canada gives inside tour of Town Clock 1:12

Halifax is giving residents a rare glimpse into sites that are normally off limits. Doors Open Halifax will offer a chance to visit 40 venues at no charge on Saturday and Sunday.

Some of the sites people will have the chance to explore include places of worship, university buildings, hotels and heritage buildings.

For the first time in decades, residents will also be able to explore the first floor of the 211-year-old Town Clock, a place some called home many years ago.

Some people believe the face of the Halifax town clock is too hard to read with its gold hands and dark blue face. (CBC)
“It`s an opportunity to get to know your city in new ways and satisfy your curiosity about what goes on in some of Halifax’s most interesting buildings," said Mayor Mike Savage, honorary chair of Doors Open Halifax.

"Last year’s event met with great enthusiasm and participation and we look forward to welcoming everyone again this year to City Hall and 39 other open door venues."

Among the other venues:

  • The Metro Transit Ragged Lake operations facility,
  • The Millgrove wastewater treatment plant,
  • The Dalhousie Aquatron Laboratory

The Doors Open concept originated in Glasgow, Scotland in 1990 and expanded into an international event.