Even though travel in Halifax was made a whole lot harder after Tuesday's snowstorm, some people are hopping on their toboggans to take advantage of the fresh 15 centimetres on the ground.

It could be a family tradition to hit city slopes or you could be a first-timer. Either way, there are a number of hills in Halifax upon which you can lay down your plastic runners onto powder.

CBC Nova Scotia's Steven Berry is your guide to the city's slickest slopes. 

No. 5

Fort Needham Park — 3 toboggans out of 5

Fort Needham Park

Fort Needham Park (Steven Berry/CBC)

At the bottom of the list, this small double-bump hill is great for younger riders.

Pros: Easy to climb back up after a run, well-worn pathways make for a leisurely trip down. 

Cons: Not much parking and simply too short to keep older kids (and immature journalists) entertained.

No. 4

Flynn Park — 4 toboggans out of 5

Flynn Park

Flynn Park (Steven Berry/CBC)

This gem of the west end has fun twists and turns, not to mention the sweet jump someone built. Good for teenage riders.

Pros: Lots of benches for when you need a break, and good visibility from the road. 

Cons: Lack of parking. You might get a face full of chain-link fence if you've got enough speed. 

No. 3 

Gorsebrook School — 4 toboggans out of 5

Gorsebrook School

Gorsebrook School (Steven Berry/CBC)

The kids who go here probably can't wait for school to start so they can go for a rip down this classic south-end slope. Something for all ages.

Pros: Different levels of steepness depending on how brave you're feeling. Plus you're right next to the IWK if you need to re-attach an arm or leg.

Cons: Crowded. There's typically enough people here after a good snowfall that you may find yourself having to wait your turn. 

No. 2 

Citadel Hill — 4 toboggans out of 5

Citadel Hill

Citadel Hill, (Steven Berry/CBC)

We all knew this was coming: the biggest hill on our list and certainly the best known. 

Pros: Easy to find, loads of parking and a great view from the top.

Cons: Riddled with gut-punching bumps and valleys. And since it's downtown with roads on all sides, you might find yourself out on the street.

No. 1

The Pit — 5 toboggans out of 5

Merv Sullivan Park (The Pit)

Merv Sullivan Park (The Pit) (Steven Berry/CBC)

​My first impression of the No. 1 hill on our list was simply "Good grief, that's steep". Truly a thrilling, chilling, afternoon killing machine in the deep north end. 

Pros: Great for getting the blood pumping, and slopes into a bowl shape making it accessible for lower skill levels. Also has a handy path back to the top, letting you get in more runs.

​Cons: ​You need a helmet. The nature of this hill and the speed at which you and other riders are moving makes safety paramount. This is a drag if you hate helmet hair as much as I do.

If you want to add any of your favourite tobogganning hills, check out this crowd-sourced Google Map of Canada's best: