Hundreds of First Nations leaders will be in Halifax for three days starting July 15 for the Assembly of First Nations annual general assembly.

The assembly will feature a number of cultural events as well as a tribute to missing and murdered indigenous women.

Jamie Battiste, the interim AFN regional chief for Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador, said education is at the top of his list for issues he wants to discuss.

He said people from this region want to showcase how well the Mi'kmaq education system is working.

"We have a soaring high school graduation rate compared to out West where there's a lot of youth going into gangs instead of completing high school," he said.

"What we're looking at is trying to take all those diverse nations, diverse regions and say, 'How can we all work together and come to common ground on something?'"

Some of the events include a grand entry that will begin at the Halifax Metro Centre and lead into Grand Parade, where the celebration will include music, cultural demonstrations, films, visual arts and fireworks.

The AFN Circle of Trade Show will take place simultaneously with networking opportunities among First Nations groups, organizations, businesses and government.

A five-kilometre run will also be part of the events.

Most of the general assembly events will take place at the World Trade and Convention Centre.