A Halifax-area teenager is speaking out after a Facebook bully tormented her and said he had bullied other girls to commit suicide.

It started in November when Serena Missons, 17, joined the Facebook group for Amber Kirwan, a New Glasgow woman who was murdered.

"He had contacted me, just to tell me that I was cute," she told CBC News.

In March, the conversation resumed and turned abusive, with the Truro man calling the teenager a slut and sending her 10 messages in one day demanding she send intimate photos of herself. "i seen you on the bullying page i can make that worse," the young man wrote.

Missons asked him to leave her alone and he said he would leave her alone if she sent him photos. He unleashed a barrage of insults when she again declined and then phoned her. She did not take the call.

"He started with name calling, telling me he knows about my past with bullying, [saying] he can make sure I'm bullied for the rest of my life," she said.

He said he knew where she lived. When Missons said she would call the authorities to stop him, he replied: "aww they cant do anything this is only facebook."

In a transcript of the exchange seen by CBC, the man then says, "do not just sit there or you should say goodbye to your parents."

CBC has not been able to independently confirm the identity of the man and so is not yet naming him. Police say they are investigating the allegations.

Man boasts of pushing three to suicide

The man also boasted about being part of a group called Libya Torial that allegedly drove three Nova Scotia girls to kill themselves. Missons told him to stop and blocked him on Facebook after two days.

Missons decided to speak out when she heard about the other victims.

"It's definitely bullying. It's harassing. It's literally torture with some of the stuff he will say," Missons said.

"I'm terrified, but I know there's a lot more people on my side than his side at this point."

Anti-bullying group says 16 girls targeted

Marsha Milner has an anti-bullying Facebook page. She said the Truro man has bullied 16 girls that she knows of.

She spoke to him this week.

"I asked him if he was sorry for what he wrote. He wasn't. I told him, 'Do you know how much trouble you're in?' He said police can't touch him. Nobody can touch him," she said.

Missons contacted police Friday.

"Should be numerous different harassment charges, and if he did actually lead up to the deaths of three teenagers, he should be put away for that," she said.