Spring may be just days away on the East Coast, but this year’s winter has left its mark.

The Halifax Regional Municipality has received nearly triple the number of calls from people reporting property damage by snow removal crews this winter season compared to last.

Between Dec. 1, 2013 and March 13, 2014, the city fielded 898 calls, compared to 303 during the same time period last year and 347 the year before.

"It's been a harder winter — we've done more plowing and more snow removal, so as a result we’ve damaged more things,” said Darrin Natolino, acting superintendent of the city's winter works program.

“Damage is just one of the unexpected consequences,” he added. “It's inevitable — things get broken.”

Natolino said the Halifax Regional Municipality's decision to take on all the sidewalk clearing in the city this winter also contributed to the rise in damage reports.

Halifax pays for damage caused by city crews, though private contractors pay for the damage their crews make.

According to Natolino, anyone who believes a plow has damaged their property should file a complaint by calling 311.