Halifax is looking for an expert to help sort out the city’s parking problem.

On Tuesday, the city issued a request for proposals from someone to help staff prepare a city-wide plan for parking.

Meagan Korhonen makes deliveries for TapRoots Farms in Port Williams to downtown Halifax four days a week. She says the lack of parking in the city irks her.

"I definitely feel dread, like, 'Ugh, I'm going into the city today,'" she said.

"Sometimes you have to loop around five times to look for a spot and that cuts into the schedule where I have to deliver. So it's a bit of a hassle."

Other drivers share her sentiments.

"There's never a place to park when you want to leave your car downtown," said Desmond Bowers.

The parking situation has Halifax council looking for suggestions and solutions. City staff started preparing a report on the future of parking back in April amid complaints.

"It’s about service delivery to residents of Halifax and as I’m sure anyone that's been trying to find parking downtown knows that sometimes it can be a struggle," said spokeswoman Sarah Reeves.

A struggle restaurateur Todd Abbass of Stayner’s Wharf Pub and Grill says he knows all too well

"Parking is the one thing I hear most often from not only locals, but people from away as well," he said.

Abbass says the city’s parking problem is costing him money.

"People will come by after eating somewhere else saying I wanted to come here we couldn't park close enough," he said.

The staff report and recommendations are expected to go to council late this fall.