Bloomfield closed as a school in 1988.

The Halifax Regional School Board is asking the city's council to turn part of a community centre site back into a school.

The Bloomfield Centre in the city's north end has not served as a school since 1988, but a  new development plan for the site could build a new school, as well as an arts and culture centre, housing and green space.

The school board is considering using the site to house students from nearby schools such as St. Patrick's-Alexandra, which recently closed. 

The board has asked the city to consider the idea, but the area councillor is opposed.

A 'foolish' idea

Jerry Blumenthal said it would be a "foolish" idea to have a consolidated school at the site.

"They're going to have to cross North Street, which is a very dangerous street. If they start thinking of closing another school in the north end, then people are going to have to be coming through Almon Street," he said.

Blumenthal thinks a safer location for a new elementary would be property on Agricola Street where a liquor commission outlet is currently located.

"There's a development that went up in the air so I think the liquor commission on Agricola Street is up for sale. What a perfect way to do it because the area south of North Street is building up."

The board's request will be discussed by Halifax regional council on Tuesday.