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Police say a woman involved in a random rape on Halifax's Agricola Street has told police she does not want to continue with the police investigation.  

The 21-year-old woman was walking south on Agricola Street in the early morning hours of Feb. 13 when she neared a lone man standing on the sidewalk.  

The man called out to her and asked if she wanted him to call her a taxi. She was taken into a laneway between Sarah and Woodill Streets where the man pushed her up against the wall of a building and raped her.  

Const. Pierre Bourdages said police understand the decision, given that the woman is a victim of a traumatic sexual assault.  

"We do respect her right in her decision. We want to remind people she was a victim of a trauamatic sexual violent assault," said Bourdages.  

"It is very traumatizing and by speaking with experts in the victimization field, we do understand that this process, the legal process could be very trying on people but we do respect the decision of the victim to not participate in the investigation any longer."  

Jackie Stevens, a coordinator with the Avalon Sexual Assault Centre, said it's not unusual for a victim to be so overcome by the trauma that the person decides not to continue with the investigation.  

"When you've experienced a violent traumatic event, reporting that has its own set of issues and can be further traumatizing for people and going through the legal process, going through a police investigation and maybe proceeding to court," said Stevens.

"Certainly it's a long drawn out process. It has its own emotional challenges."  

Bourdages said finding the rapist will now be a lot more challenging but he said police are ramping up their efforts.  

"We have extra foot patrols with the quick response unit in plain clothes," he said.   

"They are working in the area, they are walking in the area to determine who the suspect is and provide extra police presence in the area."