Halifax police seek violent parole offender

Halifax Regional Police are searching for a man considered armed and dangerous, who failed to return to a halfway house on the weekend.
Terrance Priest, 27, served a sentence for assault and aggravated assault. (Halifax Regional Police)
Nicholas Rhyno, 25, was implicated in a shooting in July 2009. (Halifax Regional Police)

Halifax Regional Police are searching for a man considered armed and dangerous, who failed to return to a halfway house on the weekend.

Earlier on Thursday, police announced they were searching for Terrance Alexander Priest, 27, and Nicholas Roland Rhyno, 25, who were both on parole and failed to return to their halfway houses.

Rhyno turned himself in to police custody at 6:45 p.m. AT.

Priest was serving a 3½-year sentence for charges including assault, assault causing bodily harm and aggravated assault. Most of his offences were committed in the New Glasgow area and according to National Parole Board documents, his criminal behaviour is complicated by his struggles with alcohol.

Priest's parole included the condition that he stay away from any place known to sell alcohol.

Rhyno — a member of the Marriott criminal gang that was engaged in a war for control of the drug trade in Halifax — was implicated in a shooting in July 2009.

A man named Andrew Jason Hudder was the intended target of that shooting. Halifax Regional Police said Hudder is a known associate of rival gang leader Jimmy Melvin Jr.

Hudder survived the 2009 attack, but his parole was revoked as a result of the incident and he was returned to prison.

"It was a sunny summer's day, lot of people around and shots, multiple shots were fired," said Halifax Regional Police Const. Brian Palmeter, adding Rhyno was arrested and charged for the incident.

"We've said before, people who are engaged in this type of violence will be the focus of our attention."

Charges against Rhyno relating to the shooting attempt on Hudder were eventually withdrawn, but he has since been convicted of drug and weapons offences and was serving a sentence of more than three years. Rhyno's convictions include one in which he used a golf club as a weapon and a robbery where he used a sawed-off shotgun.

In its most recent report on Rhyno, the National Parole Board wrote: "Your history of violent incidents continued throughout your incarceration when you were involved in the intimidation and assaults of other inmates. It is believed that your activities were gang-related and a weapon was found in your cell."

The board went on to note that Rhyno was doing well on his parole.