Halifax police are investigating after someone used an accelerant to set fire to two piles of cardboard inside Saint Andrew’s United Church in Halifax.

Firefighters were called to the church at the corner of Robie Street and Coburg Road early Monday morning after the fire alarm went off. The cardboard was against an office wall and was smouldering.

Firefighters put out the fire, which caused little damage, and called police around 2 a.m. A police dog searched the area, but didn’t find any suspects.

The church's lead minister, Russ Daye, says there has been vandalism before at the church, but never a fire.

"Luckily the fire didn't spread," he said. "Whoever lit it, lit it next to a concrete wall. Concrete’s not very flammable, so it didn't go anywhere.”

Daye said a door was open, but it's unclear if that's how the perpetrator got in, or it was used to leave.

The minister said the church will take a look at its security.