Halifax Police are trying to identify four women, who appear to have been photographed without their knowledge (CBC has obscured their faces to protect their privacy). ((HRP))

Halifax Regional Police have released four photos of young women who appear to have been photographed inside their homes without their knowledge.

Police are asking for the public's help in identifying the women, but say they are not suspects in a crime or persons of interest.

Investigators want to speak with them to determine the circumstances in which their photos were taken.

Police said through the course of an on-going investigation, they seized some items that contained the images.

One of the photos, of a young woman wearing a team jersey and panties, appears to have been taken through a screen, her back to the camera. The other pictures reveal women's faces and bare shoulders as they read or type on a laptop.

Cst. Brian Palmeter said police are asking for the public's help to identify them because they think others could be at risk from this type of creeping.

"The pictures came into our posession through an ongoing investigation and we have concerns around the context around which these images were created," said Palmeter.

Police are refusing to confirm if any of this relates to their seach for a peeping tom or the so-called "sleepwatcher," who has invaded the homes of women in the city's south end for more than a year. 

Palmeter said he anticipates that the women in the photos may be upset at having been stripped of their privacy through the release of the pictures.

"That's something we've rarely done, is to release pictures of somebody we are not looking forward to arresting. We believe public safety is that important ... so while we are sympathetic to any discomfort that may cause, we do feel it is important."

Investigators are asking the women in the photos, or anyone who knows them, to call police or CrimeStoppers.

As of Thursday evening, police had received calls from two women who believed they may have been one of the four women in the images, but that won't be confirmed until they are interviewed by investigators.