Halifax Regional Police descended on north-end Halifax after several shots were fired outside the Kwik-Way on Isleville Street on Tuesday morning.

Staff Sgt. Bill Morris said Halifax Regional Police got a 911 call at approximately 11:10 a.m. about shots fired in the 3,200 block of Isleville Street.

"Responding officers located several spent casings in the street and there's also some glass on the road," he said.

Morris said it doesn't appear anyone was injured.

"From what we've first gathered there were several people involved and possibly a vehicle," he said.

"The vehicle, it appears, has had the window shot out and right now we're just checking the local hospitals and the local area to try to determine what happened and if anybody was hit and for the suspect vehicle."

Mike Chudnovsky said he was working nearby in his yard when he heard the shots.

"It was like maybe a series of five big loud pops: pop, pop, pop, pop. Something like that," he said.

"Then a bunch of yelling."

Officers taped off the scene near Livingstone Street and redirected traffic. They're looking for a black Lexus sedan that was seen leaving the area.

"Some of the officers believe they may know who's involved but at this time we can't confirm anybody that is involved," said Morris.

"We're still following leads and trying to track down witnesses."