Late night clubbers and fist-fights might have replaced the dining and shopping crowd on Argyle Street, but a new plan could bring new hope to Halifax's downtown artery.

Last week, the Greek restaurant Ela Taverna announced it's closing, but a team of community planners is proposing that Argyle Street be transformed into a limited vehicle patio zone from Blowers Street down to Duke Street.

"There's a lot of interest in revitalizing downtown," said community planner Daniel Scott.

"It is not closed to traffic, but it emphasizes pedestrian pace and pedestrian activities," he said.

The plan envisions curbless sidewalks, new benches and parkettes.

"Speaking with Neptune Theatre they're interested in bringing entertainment out to the street, some theatre, some performance," Scott said.

The city still needs to approve the proposal, but the plan pleases Paul McKinnon of the Downtown Halifax Business Commission.

"One of the great initiatives on Argyle Street is the Nova Centre which will be a brand new Convention Centre. The financial centre will bring new residents to the street," he said.

Philip Holmans, owner of the World Tea House, said business would be better if the city replaced parking zones with wider sidewalks and more patios.

"It would make Argyle Street a destination for Halifax and for visitors to Halifax," he said.

But while business owners like Holmans are confident that this new concept would bring new customers to Argyle Street, he said he's unsure what it'll mean for the tea-drinking crowd.

"[There are] some concerns about noise complaints and in the evenings about bar overspill and this becoming a party street," he said.